Mastering The Roulette Game Rules

To excel at playing roulette, it is crucial to understand that it is a game driven solely by chance. It comprises three fundamental components – the betting table, the wheel with 36 red/black pockets, including one or two greens for zeros, and the pivotal ball.

While there are several variations within the game, the underlying rules of roulette remain consistent across all platforms. The betting table is strategically divided into two distinct sections, one for inside bets, and the other for outside bets. Subsequent to players placing their bets, the game mechanism or dealer spins the roulette wheel and releases the ball. Once the ball comes to rest in a particular pocket, the players receive their winnings or have their bets forfeited, contingent upon their predictions.

How to Play Roulette at the Casino?

Rounding up said earlier, whether you are playing roulette online or in a land-based casino the whole gameplay process will consist of four simple steps:

  1. Place a bet – select the chip size to make bets and place them on the roulette table according to your betting preferences.
  2. Spin the roulette wheel – in this step a player is literally not much involved, except for pressing the “Spin” button if playing online. However, a dealer or RNG mechanism takes the action by releasing the ball into the spinning wheel.
  3. Observe the outcome – as long as the roulette wheel stops the ball settles in one of its pockets.
  4. Enjoy or regret the results – if you are lucky get your payout otherwise do not get upset. In this step, you can leave the roulette table or make a new bet.

However, as we all know that the nitty gritty things always matter and there is much more to consider to ensure an engaging and successful game session.

Basic Roulette Rules Summary

Before we dive into the details, here is a comprehensive outline highlighting the key points players have to keep in mind in the intricate game of roulette:

  1. Players place a bet on the designated area of the roulette table.
  2. They ensure that their roulette bets adhere to the table limits.
  3. The bets are positioned before the dealer concludes the betting session.
  4. Winning bets are paid out solely by the dealer, while losing bets are not touched.
  5. The marker indicating the winning number remains untouched during the gameplay.
  6. Payouts for different types of winning bets are followed according to the specified paytable.
  7. The bets are placed before the dealer finalizes the betting session.
  8. A complete roulette wheel consists of red and black pockets numbered from 1 to 36, along with a single/double green zero pocket.

What is the Goal of a Roulette Game?

To emerge victorious, players must accurately predict the final destination of the ball on the roulette wheel. The ultimate goal remains unaltered regardless of any variation within the game. However, given the remarkably low likelihood of making a precise prediction (2.7-2.63%), online roulette rules present players with additional opportunities to succeed. For instance, players can wager on multiple numbers simultaneously, anticipate the winning pocket color, predict whether the number will be odd or even, and explore various other possibilities.

What are the Roulette Bet Types and Payouts?

The game offers a diverse array of bets and payouts, providing ample scope for implementing numerous roulette betting strategies. While bet types may vary across different variations of the game, gaining proficiency in the fundamental concepts is always advantageous.

Inside Bets

Inside bets inherently pose greater risks but offer substantial rewards, making them an attractive choice for players seeking significant winnings within a few roulette bets. Prominent inside bet types include:

Bet TypeNumbers coveredPayout
Straight-Up/Single BetAny numberx35
Split Bet2 adjacent numbersx17
Street Bet3 numbers in a rowx11
Trio Bet3 numbers incl. zerox11
Corner/Square Bet4 numbers in a squarex8
Six Line/Double Street BetSix numbers in two parallel linesx5

Outside Bets

Outside bets entail lower risks but correspondingly yield lesser returns. If you prefer prolonged roulette sessions, these bet types would be more suitable for your style of play. Common outside bet types include:

Bet TypeTarget betPayout
Columns Bet12 numbers that form a linex2
Dozens BetBet on any of the three dozens of numbersx2
Red/Black BetBet on the color of the winning numberx1
Odd/Even BetBet on the winning number being odd or evenx1
High/Low BetBet on the winning number being
low (1-18) or high (19-36)

It is worth highlighting that most online roulette betting tactics primarily revolve around outside bets, making sound knowledge in this area highly instrumental for novice players.

Announced Bets

In the realm of roulette, there exists a category of wagers known as “Announced Bets” – the true terminology for what is commonly referred to as “Call Bets”. While both terms imply a similar concept, they diverge significantly in the intricate details.

It’s crucial to understand that a “Call Bet” denotes a wager made without physically placing any chips on the roulette table, which, in various jurisdictions, is deemed illegal, as it allows gambling with credit. On the other hand, the “Announced Bet” obliges players to promptly position their chips upon declaring the bet. Despite such distinctions, many casinos fail to differentiate between the two and consistently demand chips to be placed.

In contrast to the conventional inside and outside bets that predominantly center around the roulette table, announced bets specifically target various sections of the roulette wheel. This distinctive approach is commonly found in European and French variations, wherein the specific details of these bets might slightly vary among different casinos and their respective roulette table rules.

It’s worthy to note that not all casinos furnish a designated betting section for announced bets, often characterized by an oval racetrack shape; players may need to manually place these bets when indulging in live roulette. Consequently, for casual players with limited roulette table exposure, it’s understandable that memorizing the appropriate numbers for each announced bet might prove challenging.

Therefore, one can focus solely on inside and outside bets from the onset, without being overwhelmed by the intricacies of announced bets. However if you would like to master them these are the possible options a game offers:

Neighbours of Zero (Voisins du Zéro)

Voisins du Zéro is a French term used in the realm of announced roulette bets. It refers to a strategic bet that encompasses 17 numbers on the roulette wheel, including the ones adjacent to the zero (0). This particular bet garners popularity due to its favorable odds, surpassing those of single number bets. Roulette enthusiasts often place wagers on numbers ranging from 22 to 25, along with their neighboring selections. This approach presents a well-balanced option in the game, embodying the spirit of a seasoned roulette professional.

Jeu Zéro (‘Game Zero’)

In roulette, “Jeu Zéro” is a French term that denotes “Zero Game”. This strategic wager encompasses numbers in close proximity to the zero (0) on the roulette wheel, namely 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15. This particular bet presents an exceptional amalgamation of numbers, along with elevated payouts, thereby garnering the attention of skilled players in search of a distinctive betting opportunity within the game.

Tiers du Cylindre

“Tiers du Cylindre” is a commonly employed French term in roulette circles which denotes the “Third of the Wheel.” It constitutes a strategic betting approach that encompasses a select one-third of the roulette wheel, precisely the numbers situated directly opposite the zero (0). This particular wager encompasses 12 distinct numbers, extending from 27 to 33 on the wheel. Seasoned players resort to utilizing Tiers du Cylindre as an additional avenue for diversifying their roulette bets while simultaneously augmenting their odds within the game.

Orphelins (Orphans)

“Orphelins” is a French term used in roulette to refer to the “Orphans” bet. This particular betting strategy encompasses the numbers that are not covered by the Voisins du Zéro or Tiers du Cylindre bets. Orphelins consists of a combination of eight numbers, including 17, 34, 6, 1, 20, 14, 31, and 9. Skilled players resort to this wager to diversify their number coverage on the roulette wheel, presenting a compelling alternative in the realm of roulette betting.

Voisins (Neighbors)

In the game of roulette, a “Neighbors” bet represents a wager placed on a specific number, along with its two neighboring numbers on both sides of the roulette wheel. This particular bet encompasses a total of five numbers, consisting of the chosen number and the two numbers located to its left and right. With a significant payout advantage over a single-number bet, the “Neighbors” bet is widely embraced by astute players seeking to add an element of diversity to their roulette gameplay.

Bet TypeTarget betPayout
Voisins du Zéro Bet17 numbers close to zero on the roulette wheelx9/15
Jeu Zéro Bet7 numbers close to zerox14/32
Tiers du Cylindre Bet12 numbers that are from 27 to 33
on the roulette wheel
Orphelins Bet8 numbers between Voisins Du Zéro and Tiersx13/31
Voisins Bet5 numbers that go in a sequence
on the roulette wheel

Roulette Rules based on the Variation

Different roulette variations have their own set of rules, which greatly impact payouts, winning probabilities, and available betting options. As a knowledgeable roulette player, it is important to familiarize yourself with the most prevalent types of roulette.

French Roulette Rules

Originally the roulette game comes from France and so the French rules of roulette hold the utmost authenticity. The French roulette wheel encompasses a layout of 36 numbers and 1 zero, resulting in a house edge of 2.7%. Moreover, when employing ~50% bets in French roulette, the house edge further decreases to 1.35%. This is attributed to two distinctive rules within this roulette type:

La Partage Rule

The “La Partage” or “Division” rule caters to wagers with a high likelihood of winning, which would have a 50% chance if not for the presence of the zero. Pursuant to this rule, whenever players place High/Low, Odd/Even, or Red/Black bets and the ball lands on zero, half of the chips are returned. Consider this scenario: you wagered 10$ on Red, and the ball settles on zero (green); you will be reimbursed 5$. Such regulations allow for the implementation of numerous betting tactics, ultimately enhancing performance.

En Prison Rule

“En Prison” is an advantageous roulette rule, offered instead of “La Partage”. Although the underlying concept is almost identical, in this case, the casino temporarily detains the bet instead of instantly returning half of it. To retrieve the imprisoned bet, a player must secure a win in a subsequent spin of the roulette wheel under the same conditions; otherwise, the bet is forfeited.

Let’s say you placed a 10$ wager on Odd, and the ball lands on zero. The second spin is executed without requiring an additional bet, and if it lands on Odd, you will reclaim your 10$. It’s worth noting that depending on the online casino, you might also emerge victorious if the zero appears a second time. While many players exhibit a preference for “La Partage” over “En Prison,” both casino roulette rules serve to diminish the house edge.

European Roulette Rules

European Roulette Rules are widely recognized in both online and land-based casinos. They adhere to the traditional layout and bets, consisting of 36 numbers and 1 zero, all while maintaining a 2.7% house edge. It’s essential to note that European roulette lacks the La Partage and En Prison rules.

American Roulette Rules

The rules of American roulette are highly favored by casinos due to the inclusion of double zero in the American roulette wheel layout. This results in a house edge of 5.26%, which is notably higher compared to other classic variations. In addition, American roulette features a distinct rule known as “Surrender,” further enhancing the game’s appeal to discerning players.

The concept of “Surrender” closely resembles La Partage, but the rules of casino roulette permit its application to both 0 and 00. With this rule in effect, high-odds bets such as High/Low, Odd/Even, and Red/Black experience a reduced house edge of 2.63%. Here’s how it works: If you wager 10$ on any of the aforementioned roulette bets and either of the zeroes appear, you will receive a 5$ refund.

As a seasoned game professional, understanding the intricacies of different game variations and roulette wheel rules is crucial for optimizing gameplay and maximizing chances of success.

How To Play Roulette Online In Casinos?

As you might be already overdosed with the details we shared, now it is high time to swiftly embark on your roulette gaming journey. Just follow our expert guidance outlined below and make the best of your online roulette game in the casino:

  1. Find the Best Casino: Just go for our meticulously curated list of reputable online roulette casinos and pick up the one that fits your needs.
  2. Create a Player Account: Visit your preferred platform, and initiate the registration process. Share your personal data with the casino such as full name, date of birth, contact number, email address, country, city of residence, and preferred currency. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions, and confirm your acceptance by ticking the corresponding box. Finally, hit the “Join Now” option.
  3. Initiate Your Initial Deposit:: Navigate to your account and locate the designated Cashier page. Select a suitable payment method and furnish the necessary credentials. Enter the desired deposit amount and proceed to confirm the transaction. Remember to take full advantage of any promo codes or bonus offers provided by the online casino.
  4. Choose a Roulette Type: Explore the enticing game section and select the online roulette variant that captures your interest. Assiduously review the paytable, house edge, and game rules to ensure an informed gaming experience.
  5. Place Your Roulette Bets: Join the designated roulette table and customize your bet size. Deliberate on the type of bet you wish to place, and once the game commences, confidently make your wager.
  6. Observe the Croupier: Patiently await the dealer’s command to initiate the game, and attentively track the spinning roulette wheel as the ball gradually comes to its final destination.
  7. Revel in the Outcomes: Reap the rewards of your successful bets or gracefully accept the loss of your chips as you prepare for the next captivating roulette round.

Final Thoughts

Roulette is an elegantly straightforward game, although comprehending the nuances of its various variations, bet types, and intricacies can prove to be quite challenging. Fortunately, by mastering the rules of casino roulette, one can truly grasp the full spectrum of exhilarating gameplay it offers.

Moreover, by coupling this knowledge with astute bankroll management and skillful deployment of roulette betting rules, you enhance your chances of exiting the roulette table with substantial winnings in your possession. Above all, never underestimate the importance of mastering the fundamentals, as they are the bedrock upon which monumental victories are built.



How To Play Online Roulette In Casinos?

To engage in online roulette at casinos, it is advisable to select a reputable online casino from our esteemed list. Following the completion of the registration and deposit process, proceed to access the desired roulette variation and adjust the bet size. While the roulette wheel is in motion, meticulously consider the bet type and number/option you intend to place your wager on. Consequently, upon the conclusion of the current round, confidently place your bet and patiently await the outcome.

What Roulette Variations Are Available Online?

There is substantial diversity in roulette games, with numerous variations available, adding to its allure among players. The most prevalent types include the classic American, European, and French roulette, listed in ascending order of rarity. Furthermore, online casinos offer distinctive versions such as Lightning, Double Ball, Speed, and numerous other roulette options.

What Is The Difference Between Inside And Outside Roulette Bets?

Inside bets provide substantial payouts, albeit with a markedly lower probability of winning (e.g., x35 of bet and a 2.6-2.7% chance). In contrast, outside bets present a higher likelihood of success (up to 48.64%), while yielding comparatively lower returns.