Playing the game of roulette is an interesting and intriguing experience where you are trying to guess the number that is going to be hit by the ball, which croupier spins in the different opposition. Of course, playing online roulette is cool, but not as cool as live roulette game in a casino. Still, thanks to the great technological advancement, you will enjoy the fantastic live games that offer endless hours of entertainment. You can opt for the real roulette games that are streamed from casino suite, where the real croupier collects and pays out the bets! Feel free to play live roulette as you will experience the real and genuine gambling experience from the legit and distinguished casino.

Playing Live Roulette

Through classic, 3D or Immersive view, you can enjoy in the live roulette as long as you want, as the rounds are streamed from the real and authentic casino suite! Although roulette games can be boring over time due to lack of interaction with the croupier, this is not the case with the live roulette as you will have constant interaction with him! They speak several world languages fluently, so in case you are alone at the table, he/she would speak your native language. Besides the human interaction and communication, you will enjoy in the proper and authentic equipment instead of watching the graphics developed by the programmers. Of course, you will get the real chips that you can use, instead of virtual ones that are the plain representation!

Benefits of playing live roulette online

When you think about why you should play live roulette online, there are several reasons that back up this question. The first is that you will enjoy from the comfort of your home, without the need to go outside during the heavy snowfall. Of course, this means you will not be dressed solemnly and elegantly, but staying cozy in your pajama shirt while placing bets on REDs is equally comfortable as wearing the tuxedo in a casino. Online roulettes do not feature live dealers, and therefore you will enjoy in the genuine gambling with live versions. The odds, according to some statistics, could be a bit at your side, when you are playing live roulette with the real dealer/croupier.

Best live dealer roulette games

This type of games, you can usually get higher betting limits than in brick-and-mortar casinos, which means that you have a wider choice of bonus offers 24/7 and that means more money for you potentially. When you have a live dealer, you have much better interaction with the table as you can talk all the time and ask whatever you like. Also you have more confidence and more likely play roulette for real money. Although you cannot get a free drink as you do in land casinos, here, you have a chance to change tables often in case you are not satisfied with the limits or any other tables’ specification. With multiple cameras, you can look at the table from different angles which are great especially when there are more people that distract you from the game. There are a couple of live dealer roulette games, that are well-known and these include:

  • 888 Roulette
  • Ruby
  • Auto
  • Speed

Types of bets

Roulette is a game that is known by the unique betting types. All of the bets can be classified into two categories: inside and outside bets., where each covers a certain set of numbers on the table. All bets you place on the numbered space or the borders that separate them are called inside bets, while the wagers left of the board or placed at the special boxes are called outside bets.

Inside Bets

There are several bets that fall into this category. Each of them is specifically made for a particular style of play, and experienced players know how and when to combine them. Inside ones are:

  • Straight up – placing a wager on a single number
  • Street – covering a single row of numbers
  • Split –  covering two numbers, by placing chips on the line between them
  • Corner – Covers four numbers (forming a corner)
  • Line – covering the two rows of numbers

Outside bets

While outside bets have a lower payout, they are easier to get. That is why inexperienced players usually start with outside ones, before implementing inside bets. Once they collect enough experience and knowledge, they can combine both types. These include:

  • Column – covering 12 numbers of a column
  • Dozen- covering three boxes (1-12,12-24,24-36)
  • Red/Black – covering 18 red or 18 black numbers
  • Odd/even – covering any of the odd or even numbers
  • 1-18/19-36 – covering the first or second 18 numbers

Note that Even/Odd does not cover zero number, neither Red/Black covers this number. If you want to cover it, you must do it explicitly by placing a single bet on this number.

Neighbour & Special Bets

Special bets are always present in European and French versions, and can be profitable but can cost you an arm and a leg if not used properly. Neighbour bets are used only in the European version. While neighbor bets cover 5 numbers that are close to each other (that is why “neighbor” term is used), there are Voisins du zero, which covers 17 different numbers (using 9 chips), or Orphelins that covers 8 different numbers. There is also a Tier du cylinder, which covers 12 numbers.

Using these special bets, you can develop your strategy and come up with a unique method of play. Feel free to experiment with them, but do keep in track your account balance.