Online entertainment has never been more interesting as you can find and play almost every game you could ever imagine or you heard of. The European Roulette online is one of the games that some people don’t understand as some did not have a chance to try out this fantastic experience. Of course, we don’t recommend you to jump right into the online roulette before learning a thing or two about the game. But if you really want to try it, we do recommend you to play free european roulette before starting with the real money roulette. For this occasion, we will try to keep things as simple as possible while explaining the basic features of the game.

European Roulette Wheel

You have probably heard of Online Roulette, as there are American and European online roulette and occasionally French version. The essential difference is that European has a single-zero slot, unlike American that has two zero slots. It can be concluded that the house advantage drops below in comparison to the American one, down to 2,7%. The second big difference is that wheel on European roulette contains number 32, right next to the number 32, whilst this place in American roulette is taken for 28. Again, in comparison the European version has 37 numbers (1 to 36, + 0).

European roulette online wheel

Roulette European – Table layout

When it comes to the table layout, the vivid difference is also present. The American table contains all outside bets on the same side, while the European one has a slightly different layout. Also, the American version has only one dealer that is operating the table, while the European have two croupiers (dealers) and one table-boss who is in charge of that table. The games are much faster in the American table. There is an interesting fact which proves that there is no such thing as French roulette (since there are no French rules), but rather American and European versions, alongside with their specific set of rules, about which we will tell further.

Still, have in mind that each casino could implement its own variations and few rule-deviations to make things more interesting, as well as personalized. But in a nutshell, the general rules for this game stay the same, and they do not change on a large scale.

Difference Between European and French Roulette

Whereas European and American roulettes are already known around the globe, French roulette online is left behind for some reason. In fact, the entire concept of spinning a wheel came from France. Even though the French table is underestimated, playing it may reveal the hidden sides of roulette game. So are there that many considerable differences between usual European roulette game and old-school French roulette?

European Version

When you are traveling around Europe or simply visit European roulette online, you will encounter the most typical table that consists of a single zero and 36 other pockets. All the numbers are laid out across the table along with the two rows of the outside bets.

On the right side of the grid, you can see the column bets. Low, Even, Red, Black, Odd, and High bets are located under three Dozen bets.

Play European roulette with the same house edge as the French one – 2.703%. For this type of roulette, odds are standing in the middle.

French Version

Betting options the French table gives you are very similar to the European one. At the same time, French roulette is known for having favorable odds.

There are two authentic rules for French roulette you won’t ever come across in other versions – La Partage & En Prison.

  • La Partage states that if the ball stops on the zero section, you’ll get just the half of all even-money wagers while the house will receive another half. Again, all the bets that belong to Red/Black, High/Low, and Odds/Even get to be split in case of even-money bet and the ball landing in the respective pocket “zero”.
  • En Prison states that all the players who wagered even-money, are blocked from the next spin in case the zero is spun. Your money gets “in prison” till the next round.

It is important to understand that once zero comes out, all outside bets (black, red, odd, even, high and low) are lost, while in the French version, one of the two following rules are applied: En Prison or La Partage. The first one means that your money stays there until the next round, and in case zero comes again in the next round, you lose your money. La Partage means you lose half of your bet, while you can collect the second half of that bet. Technically, all the rules give a player the same amount of money. Ideally, the players get the most benefits from a game where the French version of roulette is played on a European table. However, it is a bit harder to find this kind of table, especially if you are not playing in the real casinos.

Basic Rules of Europaen Roulette

Playing European online roulette in casino is relatively easy as the GUI solves all your requests with just one click. However, once the game is loaded, you can place chips on the bet you want, and you click “SPIN”. Once the betting is done, you can choose whether you will place again (“Rebet) or quit the game (“Clear Bets”). Roulette in real casinos is a bit complex as you have 4 staff members at one table, where two of them are croupiers/dealers (those who collect and place bets accordingly, and spin the wheel) while the other two members are table-boss and game supervisor who control the game and make sure everything works fine. Also, they make sure there are 1 to 8 players at the one table.

Once the game starts, the croupier calls players to make bets, and once they do, he places the ball for spin and closes the betting process, meaning no more money will be accepted until the round is finished. Once the ball hits one out of 37 slots, he announces the number, pays out the winning bets while taking the lost bets to the house. The players must be familiar with the payout/odd chart so they could know how much money a certain odd/bet is giving.

European Roulette Payouts

European roulette online is characterized by the fact it offers two types of money betting: outside and inside bets. While the outside ones are likely to win, their payouts are smaller and vice versa for inside ones.

The Inside Bets payout include:

  • Straight – betting on a specific single number (2.70%)
  • Split – betting on two numbers and numbers must be neighbors on the table (5.26%)
  • Street – betting on three numbers in a row, like 4,5,6 (5.41%)
  • Corner betting on four numbers, which form a square on the table like 1,2,4,5 (10.81%)
  • Double street betting on two rows of numbers (16.22%)
  • Basket betting on five numbers including zero

The inside bets are single numbers while the outside takes larger numbers. Depending on the country you play roulette (e.g. Netherlands, Germany…) the outcome of number jumped in zero slots could be “double prison” or “imprisonment of even-money outside bets”.

The Outside ones are much safer than the inside ones, and they are known under the name “even money bet or s” as they cover almost 50% of the possible outcomes. All the even bets are red/black, even/odd, 1-18 or 19-36. Another two popular outside bets include Column and Dozen that cover 12 numbers. Technically, you will cover one-third of the possible outcomes.

Neighbour & Special Bets

Special bets are always present in European and French versions, and can be profitable but can cost you an arm and a leg if not used properly. Neighbour bets are used only in the European version. While neighbor bets cover 5 numbers that are close to each other (that is why “neighbor” term is used), there are Voisins du zero, which covers 17 different numbers (using 9 chips), or Orphelins that covers 8 different numbers. There is also a Tier du cylinder, which covers 12 numbers.

Using these special bets, you can develop your strategy and come up with a unique method of play. Feel free to experiment with them, but do keep in track your account balance.

European Roulette Experience

Online European roulette is a typical online and offline entertainment for millions of avid fans. Its simple rules, high odds, and adrenaline rush given by every spin made the game unmistakably classic.

Whether you are a newbie or a guru in a gambling world, you are probably looking for some unique secrets about winning European roulette free. There are a few recommendations you might want to follow to sharpen your gambling skills.

  • Place Inside or Outside bets
    When you play European roulette, you might want to stick to a single type of bets depending on your mood. Feel like winning at least something without sinking all the money you brought? Go for outside bets and enjoy a longer playing session due to betting on kinds of numbers. Feel like Mr. 007 after successfully completing his mission? Inside bets will bring you higher payouts! However, you considerably lower your chances of winning due to betting on a single number.
  • Minimize your loses and know when to stop
    European roulette for players is like a free bar on the vacation. You never know when to stop and in case your inner timer doesn’t work, you might end up in a miserable condition. However, hangovers will go away faster than empty pockets. Know how much you will invest in you game every time you spin a wheel both online and offline!
  • Use Common Betting Strategies
    The phrase “don’t reinvent the wheel” gets even more sense at this point, right?
  • Practice makes perfect!