What are Roulette Odds?

Roulette odds represent the mathematically calculated probabilities of bet winnings, typically expressed as percentages and bounded with payouts is an inverse relationship. The odds of roulette decrease as the number of potential outcomes increases. The potential winnings are commonly displayed in a ratio format, with the first number representing the bet and the second number representing the profit (e.g., 1:35).

Furthermore, it is essential to mention that all casino games have a house advantage. This advantage is the difference between the payout and the winning chance. The rationale behind this is simple – if online roulette players were to receive fair winnings for their risk, casinos would not be able to ensure long-term profitability and would face bankruptcy.

How to Calculate the Roulette Odds?

There is a wide array of bets and variations of the roulette game, but calculating the probability of winning remains straightforward. It’s important to note that odds and potential roulette payouts are intertwined – roulette bets with higher odds often come with lower payouts, while those with lower odds may yield higher potential rewards. Players simply need to ascertain the number of covered possibilities, divide it by the total number of sockets on the roulette wheel, and multiply the result by 100 to obtain a percentage representation.

For instance, in the American variant, the Straight Bet holds a 1/38*100 = 2.632% chance of winning, while the Odd/Even bet boasts an 18/38*100 = 47.37% chance. In the European and French versions, the calculation is slightly modified with a denominator of 37 instead of 38. As the fundamental formula remains constant, one can engage in complimentary roulette online games to gain a proficient command of them.

How to Calculate the Roulette Payouts?

Calculating roulette odds payout is a straightforward process that requires applying the following formula:

  • Payout = (36 / Number of Winning Possibilities) – 1

For instance, in a straight-up bet (a bet on a single number), there is a single winning possibility out of the 36 numbers on the roulette wheel. Therefore, the payout is (36 / 1) – 1 = 35:1. Similarly, in a split bet (betting on 2 adjacent numbers), there are two winning possibilities out of 36, resulting in a payout of (36 / 2) – 1 = 17:1. By adapting this formula to various bet types, you can swiftly calculate their respective roulette payouts. As an avid roulette player, familiarity with these calculations will enhance your overall gaming experience.

Double Zero vs Single Zero Roulette odds

While both variants exhibit similarity, American roulette provides marginally reduced odds compared to European or French roulette owing to the presence of an additional double zero (00) pocket. This extra pocket not only affects the odds but can also lead to slightly lower potential roulette payouts for players. Below we delve deeper into the nuances of both types for a comprehensive understanding.

American roulette odds

The American roulette wheel odds comprise 38 numbers, including 2 zeros, while the payouts remain consistent at 1:35 for a single number wager. Consequently, the house edge amounts to a significant 5.26%, causing a decrease in the probability of success. This factor enables casinos to optimize their long-term profitability while continuing to provide exceptional entertainment services.

To determine the likelihood of winning a particular bet, one must divide the number of favorable outcomes by the total possible outcomes. For instance, for a Straight-Up bet, the calculation results in 1/38, equivalent to 2.63%. Similarly, for a Red/Black bet, the win probability is 18/38, amounting to 47.36%. As a result, with 100 game rounds, players can anticipate approximately 47 victories and 53 losses. A straightforward approach to computing the house edge in a classic variation is by dividing the number of zeroes by the total number of pockets and multiplying it by one hundred—2/38*100=5.26%.

French and European Roulette Odds

These various types adhere to the same roulette wheel structure and encompass 37 sockets, of which merely one is designated as a zero. Consequently, the odds on roulette numbers that hit a specific value in both French and European roulette amount to a mere 1 in 37, equating to a 2.7% probability. The resulting payout adheres to the standard ratio of 1:35. It is worth noting that the house edge for traditional single-zero roulettes is easily calculable, being synonymous with the likelihood of achieving victory through Straight-Up or Single Bets (2.7%).

An intriguing tidbit involves certain French roulette tables providing the option to diminish the house edge to a remarkable 1.35%. This feat is accomplished through the application of rules such as En Prison and La Partage, which prevent immediate forfeiture of one’s stake when placing a Red/Black or other high-odds wager. Depending on the specific rules enforced at the French roulette table you frequent, the amount at stake may either be reclaimed in the subsequent round or halved instantaneously.

How do the Odds differ between Bet Types?

The world of roulette offers its admirers various types of bets encompassing inside, outside, and even call bets in specific cases. However, an essential inquiry to address pertains to comprehending the quintessential disparities between these bets, as well as the odds and payouts they proffer.

What are the Odds for Inside Bets?

Within the realm of the roulette game, inside bets encompass the meticulous selection of particular numbers or their groups situated on the interior of the roulette table. These astute wagers boast notable roulette payouts, albeit with diminished odds of triumph when juxtaposed to outside bets. Significantly, the house edge remains consistent for both inside and outside bets, thereby securing the casino’s prevailing advantage.

BetDouble Zero Roulette OddsSingle Zero Roulette OddsPayout
Straight-Up Bet2.63%2.7%35:1
Split Bet5.26%5.4%17:1
Street Bet7.89%8.1%11:1
Trio Bet7.89%8.1%11:1
Corner Bet10.52%10.81%8:1
Six Line Bet15.78%16.21%5:1
Basket Bet13.2%x6:1

What are the Odds for Outside bets?

Outside bets in roulette present an increased opportunity for success, effectively covering a significant range of potential outcomes. It is important to acknowledge the relatively moderate payouts associated with these roulette bets, typically set at 1:1 for wager options such as odd or even, which secures nearly half of the roulette wheel. Furthermore, column and dozen bets, encapsulating 12 numbers, offer a slightly better payout of 2:1, alongside a favorable chance of winning at approximately 1 in 3. Please bear in mind that if the roulette ball lands on 0 or 00, all outside bets, regardless of their type, unfortunately suffer a loss.

BetDouble Zero Roulette OddsSingle Zero Roulette OddsPayout
Columns Bet31.57%32.43%2:1
Dozens Bet31.57%32.43%2:1
Red/Black Bet47.36%48.64%1:1
Odd/Even Bet47.36%48.64%1:1
Low/High Bet47.36%48.64%1:1

What are the Odds for Announced Bets?

Certain casinos and providers also cater to the discerning roulette aficionados with games that feature Announced bets. These bets operate similarly to others but present a distinct set of roulette winning odds:

BetDouble Zero Roulette OddsSingle Zero Roulette OddsPayout
Voisins du Zéro Betx45.94%Varies
Jeu Zero Betx18.91%Varies
Tiers du Cylindre Betx32.43%Varies
Orphelins Betx21.62%Varies
Le Carré Betx10.81%Varies
Les Sixains Betx16.22%Varies

Are Roulette Odds set in Stone?

While it is indeed accurate that roulette table odds are statistically correct, humans often struggle to interpret them. Take, for instance, the likelihood of a player achieving 10 consecutive Red wins, which stands at 1 in 1376. However, this should not be misconstrued as indicating a sudden decline in the chances of obtaining a Red outcome in the subsequent round, compared to the initial spins. Albeit perplexing, the odds on roulette at 48.64%/47.36%, contingent upon the roulette wheel layout. Consequently, in a brief game, the odds are not absolute; one may even witness 4 consecutive Greens. Regrettably, there exists no viable method for influencing these outcomes using roulette strategies.

Time and Odds in Roulette

Through an extensive number of rounds, the roulette betting odds align with the statistical data. When the rounds surpass thousands, and even millions, the distribution of outcomes adheres closely to expectations, showing negligible variation. Irrespective of actions, playtime, or the choice between video or live roulette, the odds remain unchangeable. Challenging the house edge remains implausible, as casinos inevitably secure their advantage. However, by implementing betting strategies and practicing responsible gambling, proper control over bankroll can be ensured, minimizing losses in the short and mid-term.


In conclusion, it becomes clear that a comprehensive understanding of best roulette odds empowers players to make informed decisions while engaging in European roulette or other types. In pursuit of a greater frequency of wins, it proves more efficient to opt for bets with a minimum probability of 30%. When hunches align with luck, it might be intriguing to place a modest wager on Straight Up or other high-yield options. Memorizing all roulette payout odds isn’t necessary; instead, grasp the underlying formula, and the odds across all classic variations will manifest. However, it is important to acknowledge that the odds cannot be defeated. Therefore, gambling should always be approached for the sake of amusement rather than financial gain.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which bets offer the best odds in roulette?

The bets that offer the best odds on roulette, irrespective of the variation, are Red/Black, High/Low, and Even/Odd. All give an impressive 48.64% winning chance. An alternative worth considering is the Zero Neighbours bet, which carries a solid 45.94% likelihood of victory.

Will La Partage and En Prison rules increase my chances of winning?

These rules do not directly increase the chances of winning but rather reduce the house edge to a favorable 1.35%. Consequently, they positively impact mid and long-term profits when placing roulette bets on Red/Black, High/Low, and Even/Odd.

What is the bet in roulette with the worst odds?

The “Five-Number Bet” in American roulette offers the worst odds, with a meager 13.16% chance of success. It is strongly advised that players avoid this highly unfavorable and risky wager.