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Roulette Explained

Step 1

The game has a goal of predicting the number/outcome of the upcoming spin that is launched by a dealer/croupier once the bets are placed. One part of numbers is red-colored while the second part is black-colored, while zero is green-colored.

Step 2

You can opt for single numbers (1-36,+0 or 00), a range of numbers or increase your chances by choosing a color or odd/even choices. Usually, there are 1 to 8 players at one table that compete at the same time, two croupiers or one dealer (depending on the variation) and one table-director who monitors everything.

Step 3

Also, depending on the variation you will need to consider whether you have a double zero slot or just a zero slot. While it is common to see the standard (European) roulette variation in most places, you can see French, or American or even California roulette. The first difference is in terms of layout as the design of number fields on the table is different.

Step 4

Also, the American roulette has 38 instead of 37 available numbers, because of the double zero, which drastically gives an advantage to the house. The French version has game mechanics like La Partage (sharing) and Prison, where the first one conditions you to turn over half of your bet in case balls lands on zero, while the second means your wagers stay until the next round where you need to win in order to collect them.

Step 5

California roulette features cards with numbers 1 to 36, 0 and 00 instead of the wheel with slots, as the state does not allow any shape of gambling unless it is a card game. Once the dealer starts the wheel and it stops, he takes the card and shows it to the players.