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It is known the game all around the world, and practically there is no man that has never heard of it. While it is known, the less known data is that it has several variations that have slightly changed rules. As there is no need to go to brick-and-mortar casinos to enjoy this game, you can play it online. Start gambling right away without any downloads and requirements, as you only choose the variation you want and start playing. Hardcore players could find tables with high limits, while rookie players usually stick to free play before they get familiar with the rules and tricks.

Roulette Explained

Step 1

The game has a goal of predicting the number/outcome of the upcoming spin that is launched by a dealer/croupier once the bets are placed. One part of numbers is red-colored while the second part is black-colored, while zero is green-colored.

Step 2

You can opt for single numbers (1-36,+0 or 00), a range of numbers or increase your chances by choosing a color or odd/even choices. Usually, there are 1 to 8 players at one table that compete at the same time, two croupiers or one dealer (depending on the variation) and one table-director who monitors everything.

Step 3

Also, depending on the variation you will need to consider whether you have a double zero slot or just a zero slot. While it is common to see the standard (European) roulette variation in most places, you can see French, or American or even California roulette. The first difference is in terms of layout as the design of number fields on the table is different.

Step 4

Also, the American roulette has 38 instead of 37 available numbers, because of the double zero, which drastically gives an advantage to the house. The French version has game mechanics like La Partage (sharing) and Prison, where the first one conditions you to turn over half of your bet in case balls lands on zero, while the second means your wagers stay until the next round where you need to win in order to collect them.

Step 5

California roulette features cards with numbers 1 to 36, 0 and 00 instead of the wheel with slots, as the state does not allow any shape of gambling unless it is a card game. Once the dealer starts the wheel and it stops, he takes the card and shows it to the players.

Online Roulette Variations

To be successful in this game, you need to know more about roulette, where it originates from, what types are there and how to play it properly. The more you learn about the variations, the more precise you will determine what variation and when to play it. Besides, not all strategies are applied to all variations as the different variables influence the final math equation, which you need for the ultimate winning. Generally, like it is the case with each casino game, you will need to read a lot of information about this game and practice it a lot for free until you start investing in real money roulette. Simply because the game of roulette is highly tempting and you can lose your money in the blink of an eye. The guide for this game could be 1000+pages long so for a start let us explain that you have single number and group numbers types of bets and there are plenty of different combinations that give you winnings. But it all comes to a single rule: the more you cover, the higher the chances are for your win, but the payouts are lower. To make more understandable, you can differ inside, outside and announced bets, where the latest one is a specific one that is available in advanced roulette systems.

Roulette Terminology

As you must get familiar with the game and its glossary, we will list a few of them that are crucial. The below terms are considered to be most used, and you need to get familiar with them before playing.

  • Croupier – a French word for dealer
  • Spin/round – each round you play
  • Carre – a French word for Corner
  • Colonne – Column
  • Backtrack – the ring where the ball spins
  • Marker – an apparatus used for marking the winning number
  • Orphelins – a wager on a specific set of numbers
  • Parlay – doubling a wager

Roulette Bets

Placing bets in roulette requires a bit of research prior. Below is the list that you should remember and understand.

  • Odd/even – a type of number you choose for a stake
  • Red/black – the color of the number you choose
  • Dozen bets – a bet that you put on the first, second or third dozen numbers
  • Column bets – wagering on all 12 numbers from top to the bottom of the table
  • Straight – a single number bet
  • Split – betting on three numbers with two chips(one is placed on the line that separates them)
  • Square/corner – bet on a set of four numbers
  • Street – betting on three numbers

Online Roulette Strategy

Don’t even start playing it without the strategy! The most common one is progressive betting that works by increasing your next wager by the outcome of the previous round. This method does require you to have more money ready aside but increase your chances highly, especially if you plan to play in the long run. Unlike progressive strategies, non-progressive strategies are efficient when you are playing with a limited budget. Each outcome of the round tells you whether you need to increase your next bet, decrease it or to keep it the same. One of the great strategies is, of course, Announced bet where you place a wager on a single number and then on a few of them around, thus increasing your chances.

Roulette Systems

One of the most strategies is Martingale system. This method allows you to start a round with the minimum stake, and keep playing till you are winning. Once you lose the first time, double you bet. This enables you to cover your potential loses and adding a few bucks on top of that. The more you lose, the more you are doubling your bets until you win and cover yourself. Basically, if you start with 1 and you lose, your next bet should be 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 , 64, 128, 256 and so on until you win. Once you win again, you start with the minimum amount and repeat the same procedure. The other known method is the D’Alembert system where you, instead of doubling your bets, cover red/black and odds/evens in the range from 1-18 and 18-36. The logic is pretty much the same, as you gradually increase your bet in case of losing, while you decrease them when you start winning. This strategy is perfect for those who are gambling on the budget as it is hard to reach high bets. It is easy to learn and perfect for beginners, but you cannot expect to win huge amounts of money. The Martingale’s system is the best strategy for chasing higher amounts.